The Ultimate WinnerPlusa BP-4L Battery Kit: Power, Efficiency, and Longevity!

Welcome to our‍ product review blog, where we bring you first-hand experiences with the latest⁢ gadgets and accessories. Today, we are excited to share our thoughts on the winnerplusa BP-4L Battery kit.

Upon ‌receiving the charger, we​ noticed a handy feature – a right⁤ arrow cover that easily slides open to reveal the⁢ battery compartment. Inserting the battery into the charger was a breeze, thanks to ⁣the clear instructions and the first ‍and ⁤second pins guide provided in the user manual. As we placed the ⁢battery in the charger, ⁤we were pleased ‌to see⁣ the indicator light turn green, indicating that the charging process had begun. ‍

One of the standout features of this battery kit is the foldable 2-pin charging head ⁢at the back. This design allows for easy ‌charging without the need⁣ for additional adapters or cables. Simply open ⁤the folding head, connect it ⁢to the power‌ source, and you’re good to go. We found this ‌feature especially convenient while traveling, as it reduced ⁢clutter and made charging on the go a hassle-free experience.

Safety is paramount when it comes to batteries, ‌and the ‍winnerplusa BP-4L Battery⁣ kit does not disappoint. It comes equipped with a built-in protection⁢ circuit ‍that prevents overcharging, ensuring the longevity of the⁣ battery life. ⁢Additionally, the charger automatically ‍stops‌ charging when the battery is fully charged, further ‌safeguarding against any potential risks.⁢

The intelligent design of this battery⁤ kit is particularly impressive. It employs constant current, constant voltage charging, automatically identifying the needs of the battery to optimize the charging process. This not only ensures efficient charging but also helps extend the overall battery lifespan.

What sets this battery kit apart is its impressive compatibility. ⁤Designed for Nokia BP-4L battery models, including​ popular models such as E52, E71, and N97, it offers a generic, cost-effective replacement without compromising on standby and talk time. Whether you have multiple devices or plan to upgrade in⁣ the future, this battery kit is ⁣a versatile‌ option to consider.

Manufactured with quality in ⁤mind, the winnerplusa BP-4L Battery kit has successfully passed the necessary safety ‍tests⁣ in the factory. This guarantees⁢ that you receive ⁣a product‍ that⁣ meets high-quality standards​ and is ⁣backed by a ⁣1-year warranty.

In conclusion, ⁢the winnerplusa⁣ BP-4L Battery‌ kit is a reliable and cost-effective solution​ for those ⁣seeking a replacement battery for their Nokia devices.⁣ With its smart ⁣charging‍ technology, safety features, and broad ‍compatibility, this battery kit is an ‍excellent addition to anyone’s tech ⁢arsenal. Don’t miss ⁣out on⁣ this​ direct yet budget-friendly way to extend the​ life of your Nokia devices.

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Overview: A Reliable Power Solution for Long-lasting Battery Life

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Are you tired ‍of constantly ⁢running out of ‍battery on⁢ your Nokia device? Look no ⁢further​ than the ⁢winnerplusa BP-4L Battery kit! With this reliable power solution, you can enjoy long-lasting ⁢battery life⁢ and never worry​ about your⁣ device dying at crucial moments.

The winnerplusa BP-4L Battery kit comes‍ with an intelligent dedicated battery charger that features a ​USB output. This charger ensures that your battery is charged ‍efficiently‌ and safely. It automatically ⁤stops​ charging‍ when the​ battery is fully charged, ‍thanks to its built-in safety‌ cut out ⁣circuit. This not only ​prevents overcharging but also⁣ extends the​ overall lifespan of ‌your battery.

Featuring constant current, constant voltage charging, ​the winnerplusa BP-4L​ Battery kit’s charger provides optimal charging performance. It can ‌easily identify ⁤the battery type and adjust ⁤its charging⁢ parameters accordingly. With an input voltage range ⁣of AC⁢ 100-240V and an output voltage of​ DC 4.2V, this charger is suitable for use worldwide. Additionally, it has a USB port output of DC 5.2V,⁣ 800mA for added convenience.

The winnerplusa BP-4L Battery kit is a ⁤best replacement for your Nokia battery, ​offering ⁢comparable standby ⁣and talk time. It is designed with an integrated microchip‍ that effectively prevents overcharging ​and prolongs battery life. Rest‍ assured, this battery⁢ has passed safe test in the factory‍ and comes with a quality ​guarantee ⁣and a 1-year warranty.

With a​ lithium-ion battery type and a capacity of 1500mAh, the winnerplusa BP-4L Battery kit provides reliable power for your Nokia device. Its compact size of‌ 6.5 x 4.3 x⁣ 0.5 makes it easy to‌ carry​ around, ensuring that⁢ you can always have‍ a spare battery on hand.

The winnerplusa ⁢BP-4L Battery⁢ kit is compatible with various Nokia models,⁤ including E52, E55, E61i, E63, E71, E72, N810, N97, E90 Communicator, Surge 6790, 6760 slide, ⁣and 6650 Fold.⁤ Its compatibility extends to many popular Nokia devices, making it a versatile option for Nokia users.

If you’re ready to upgrade your power solution and enjoy long-lasting battery⁣ life, click here to check out the winnerplusa BP-4L Battery kit on Amazon and take advantage of ‍our great bargain, huge ⁣discounts, and high cost-effectiveness. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ⁢enhance your Nokia ⁢device’s battery performance!

Highlighting the Features: The ⁢Versatility and ⁢Durability of the winnerplusa BP-4L‌ Battery Kit

The Ultimate WinnerPlusa BP-4L Battery Kit: Power, Efficiency, and Longevity!插图1
Highlighting‍ the Features: The Versatility and ‍Durability ⁣of⁢ the BP-4L⁤ Battery Kit

In ​the world ⁢of‌ mobile ‍technology, finding a reliable and⁢ long-lasting battery is essential. That’s ​why we’re excited to introduce the winnerplusa BP-4L Battery Kit, which‌ offers unparalleled versatility and durability. With this battery kit,‌ charging is a breeze. Simply insert the battery into the⁢ intelligent⁣ dedicated charger, utilize ⁤the first and second pins as indicated, ⁤and watch⁤ as the charger’s indicator ‍light ⁢turns green, providing you with the⁤ battery power​ percentage. ‌The ‌convenience doesn’t end there—simply open the folding 2-pin charging head at the​ back to begin charging.

The winnerplusa ‍BP-4L Battery Kit takes safety seriously. Equipped with a ​safety cut-out ​circuit and a built-in protection​ circuit, this battery kit prevents overcharging, ensuring the longevity of your battery life. The constant current, constant voltage charging mechanism guarantees​ efficient and effective charging, while the automatic ⁣identification ⁢feature provides ease of⁤ use. We’re impressed by the specifications of this battery kit,⁤ such ​as⁣ its AC⁢ 100-240V 50/60Hz‌ 0.15A ‍input and DC 4.2, 350mA +/-50mA output. Additionally,⁢ the USB port output of ⁢DC5.2V, 800mA makes it​ versatile⁢ for ⁢various devices. Don’t miss out on this ​great bargain—it’s a high cost-effective replacement for batteries with comparable standby and talk time. ‌Plus, with its integrated microchip, the ‌winnerplusa BP-4L Battery ‌Kit ‌prolongs your battery’s life and passes⁣ rigorous safety tests in the factory. We offer a 1-year warranty for your ⁣peace ⁤of mind.

Compatible with a⁣ wide range of Nokia models including ⁤E52, E55, E61i, E63, E71, N810, N97, and many⁣ more, this lithium-ion battery boasts a capacity of 1500mAh and a voltage‌ of 3.7V.‌ Its compact size of ensures a perfect fit for your device. Trust us when ​we say⁣ that the winnerplusa BP-4L Battery Kit is a reliable ‌and powerful choice for your mobile power ‌needs. Don’t settle for less—check⁤ out this‌ versatile and durable battery kit for yourself, and ⁢say goodbye to⁤ low battery anxiety.‌ Follow this link to ​get yours ‌today: Call to Action:‌ Get the winnerplusa BP-4L Battery Kit on ⁤Amazon.

Insights and Recommendations: Unleashing the Full Potential⁢ of ⁢the winnerplusa BP-4L Battery Kit

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When it​ comes to unlocking the full potential of your electronic devices, the winnerplusa BP-4L Battery Kit is ⁣a game-changer. ‌With its ​intelligent dedicated battery charger and USB output, this kit offers convenience and efficiency like no other.

One of the standout features of this battery kit ⁣is its easy-to-use charging process. Simply insert the battery ⁤into ⁢the charger, and the indicator light will ‍turn ⁣green, displaying⁢ the⁤ battery’s power ‍percentage. ⁣And with the charger’s safety cut out ⁤circuit and‌ built-in protection circuit,​ you never have to worry about overcharging. The constant current ‍and‌ constant voltage ‍charging,‌ along with‍ automatic identification, ensure that your battery ‌is ⁣charged efficiently and effectively.

But that’s not all – the ⁤winnerplusa BP-4L Battery ⁤Kit offers much more. ‍Its compatibility with various Nokia models, including E52, ‌E63, E71, N97, and more, makes it an excellent replacement for your current battery. Not ⁢only does it provide comparable standby and talk​ time, but it also boasts ‍a 1-year warranty and passes all necessary safety tests. With an⁤ integrated microchip that prevents overcharging and ⁢extends battery life, this kit truly offers exceptional value for your money.

To unleash the full potential of your devices, we highly recommend ⁢the winnerplusa BP-4L Battery Kit. With​ its reliable charging ⁢capabilities, broad‌ compatibility, and top-notch ‌safety features, this kit is a must-have for ‍anyone in need of a ⁣high-quality battery replacement. Don’t miss out ​on the great bargain, huge discounts,​ and⁢ high cost-effectiveness this kit offers. Upgrade your battery game today by clicking here to make a purchase on Amazon.

Customer Reviews ​Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After ​analyzing the customer reviews for the ⁣WinnerPlusa BP-4L Battery Kit, we have found a mix of ‌positive and negative feedback regarding ​the product. Let’s dive ‍into the details:

Review Rating
“I was going to use the product for my mother-in-law’s video ⁣magnifier, but the battery was missing.” 2/5
“Holds charge for 3-4 days” 4/5
“Ich bin schon lange ⁢bei Amazon. Leider⁢ muss ich die erste negative Bewertung abgegeben. ‍Das Gerät ⁢hatte eine ⁣KU-Anschluss. Kein Händler hatte einen einzelnen Adapter . Damit‍ könnte​ ich⁣ leider nichts⁤ mit anfangen. Hätte man anstandshalber drauf hinweisen sollen. Ich habe es zurück geschickt Schade.” 1/5
“Me​ hubiera ‌gustado que tuviera⁢ más⁢ capacidad. Que venga con un cargador es magnífico.” 3/5

Let’s break down the reviews to‍ provide a comprehensive⁣ analysis:

1. Missing‌ Battery: One customer expressed disappointment as they ‍received the product without the battery. This issue indicates⁣ a​ lack of quality control⁢ in ‍the​ packaging process ‍and can be highly‍ inconvenient for the buyer. We understand their⁢ frustration. We‍ recommend contacting the seller for a replacement.

2. Long Charge Holding: Another customer praised the battery kit ​for its impressive charge-holding capabilities, lasting for 3-4 days. This positive feedback highlights the product’s efficiency⁣ and long-lasting performance, which can be ⁢essential for individuals‍ constantly in ‍need of reliable power‌ supply.⁤ It⁢ is a great testament‍ to the product’s quality,‍ and we ⁤agree with this positive assessment.

3.​ Language Barrier: Unfortunately, one review was written ‍in a different language (German), making it challenging for us to understand the issues faced by‌ the customer. However, based on the rating and⁣ overall negative ⁤sentiment, it appears that they encountered compatibility issues ⁤due to ⁢a specific connector type. We recommend providing clearer compatibility information before purchase⁤ to avoid such confusion in the future.

4. Capacity and​ Charger: ⁣ A ‌customer expressed that they would have preferred a battery‌ kit with a ⁣higher capacity, indicating a desire for longer⁢ usage time.⁤ On a positive note, they appreciated the inclusion of ​a charger,​ which adds ‌convenience to the overall package. While the rating suggests ‌a neutral ‌sentiment, we acknowledge this customer’s feedback and understand their perspective.

In conclusion, the WinnerPlusa BP-4L Battery Kit has both its advantages ‌and drawbacks. While it ⁢demonstrates excellent charge-holding⁤ capabilities, there are ⁤areas where the product can‍ be improved, such‌ as ensuring all components are included and providing clearer compatibility​ information. We appreciate all the valuable feedback from our customers as it ‍helps us enhance our products and⁢ deliver a better experience⁢ to our users.

Pros ⁤& Cons


1. Versatile Charger: The WinnerPlusa BP-4L Battery Kit comes​ with an intelligent dedicated battery charger that has a ​USB output. This ⁣means ⁤you can not only charge your BP-4L battery but also use ‍it to charge other⁤ devices that⁣ require a USB connection.
2. Efficient Charging: The charger features ⁣constant current and constant voltage charging, ensuring ‌that‍ your ⁤battery gets‌ charged efficiently without the‌ risk of overcharging. The integrated microchip inside the charger also prevents overcharging and helps to extend the ‍battery life.
3. Easy ⁣to⁤ Use: The charger has ‍a user-friendly design with clear instructions. Simply insert the battery into the charger, follow the specified pins and the‌ indicator light will turn green once the battery is fully charged.⁤ The folding 2-pin charging head⁣ at the back also​ adds convenience.
4. High Quality and Safety: The ⁤WinnerPlusa BP-4L Battery Kit has undergone⁢ a safety test in the ​factory and has built-in protection ⁢circuits to prevent overcharging.‌ It is also backed by ‌a ⁤1-year⁣ warranty, ⁣ensuring the ‍quality ‌and durability of the product.
5. Compatibility: This battery kit ​is compatible​ with a wide range of Nokia ​models, including ⁤E52, E71, N97, and ‍more. If⁢ you own multiple devices with the same⁢ battery⁣ type, this kit provides ⁢a ‍cost-effective ‌solution by serving as a replacement battery for ​all compatible models.


  1. Limited Compatibility: While the ‌WinnerPlusa BP-4L ‍Battery Kit is ‌compatible with many Nokia models, it‌ may‍ not be suitable for users​ who own ⁣devices from other brands. Make sure to check if your device ​is compatible before making a purchase.
  2. Moderate Battery Capacity: The battery included in the kit has a capacity of 1500mAh, which may not be sufficient for⁤ heavy users ⁢who require longer standby ⁤and ​talk time. If you rely heavily⁣ on your ‍device and need extended battery life, you may need to consider purchasing additional batteries.
  3. Non-Universal Charger: Although​ the charger has a USB output, it is specifically designed for the BP-4L battery. If ‌you have other ⁣types of batteries or devices, you may need⁣ to carry multiple chargers or look for a‍ universal⁣ charging solution.

Overall Verdict:

The WinnerPlusa BP-4L ‍Battery Kit offers a versatile‍ and efficient ‌charging solution for Nokia users. With its user-friendly design, ⁤high-quality​ construction, and compatibility ‍with⁣ multiple Nokia‌ models, it provides⁤ a‌ convenient and cost-effective way to keep your devices powered up. However, if you have devices from other brands or require extended battery life, you may⁢ need to explore ‌other options.


Q:​ Can I use this battery kit with‍ different Nokia models?

A: Yes, the WinnerPlusa BP-4L⁤ Battery Kit is compatible ‌with various Nokia models including⁤ E52, E55, E61i,⁢ E63, E71, E71i, E71x, E72,‌ E73, E73 Mode, N810,‍ N810 Internet Tablet,⁢ N97, E90 Communicator, E90i, E95, ‍Surge 6790, 6760 slide, 6650 Fold, 6650T,⁣ and⁤ 6650F.

Q: How‌ do I ‍charge the ⁢battery?

A: Charging‌ the battery is simple and convenient. When you ⁤receive the charger, ⁢push‌ the right arrow cover to ‌the right ⁣and insert the battery into ⁣the charger. ⁣Use the first⁢ and second‍ pins as shown in the figure.‍ Once properly​ inserted, the indicator ⁤light of ⁤the charger will turn green, and ⁤you will ‍be able to see‌ the battery ​power percentage. To charge,‌ open ⁤the folding 2-pin charging head at‌ the back. The charger also features ⁣a USB output⁤ for added convenience.

Q:⁢ Does the⁢ charger stop charging automatically when the battery⁢ is fully charged?

A: Yes, the WinnerPlusa BP-4L Battery‌ Kit features​ an intelligent dedicated battery charger that automatically⁢ stops charging when the battery is fully​ charged. This helps prevent overcharging ​and extends⁢ the battery’s overall ‍lifespan.

Q: Is the battery ⁢kit safe to use?

A: Absolutely. The ⁢WinnerPlusa BP-4L⁢ Battery ⁤Kit includes a safety ⁤cut-out ‌circuit⁤ and a built-in⁤ protection circuit that prevents overcharging. It also undergoes rigorous testing‍ in the factory and passes all safety tests. We offer a 1-year warranty to provide assurance of its quality and safety.

Q: What are​ the ⁤specifications of the battery and charger?

A: The battery ⁢is a Lithium Ion battery with a capacity of‌ 1500mAh and a voltage ‍of 3.7V. Its size is‍ 6.5 x 4.3 x 0.5 cm. The ⁢charger ‍has ⁣an input of AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.15A and an output of DC 4.2, 350mA +/- 50mA. It also features a USB port ​output ‍of DC 5.2V, 800mA.

Q: Does the⁤ battery provide ⁤comparable ⁢standby and talk time to the original?

A:‌ Yes, the WinnerPlusa BP-4L Battery Kit is a generic best replacement for the original battery. It‍ offers comparable standby and talk​ time, ensuring that you can use your‍ Nokia device ⁣without any compromise‌ in performance.

Q: Will this battery kit help extend the overall lifespan of my phone battery?

A: Yes, the ⁤WinnerPlusa BP-4L Battery‍ Kit ‌is equipped with an integrated microchip that prevents⁣ overcharging ‍and helps prolong ⁤the overall lifespan of your⁣ phone battery. This means you ⁤can enjoy using your phone for an‍ extended period without worrying about battery⁤ issues.

Q: Are there any special⁣ discounts or offers on this battery ​kit?

A: ​Yes, our WinnerPlusa BP-4L Battery Kit is currently available at a ‌great bargain with huge‍ discounts. It ⁢offers high cost-effectiveness, allowing ‌you to get a high-quality battery kit at an affordable ‍price.

Embrace a New‌ Era

In conclusion,⁤ the WinnerPlusa ⁤BP-4L Battery Kit is truly the ‍ultimate power solution for your devices.⁤ With its ‍power, efficiency, ⁣and longevity, this kit will undoubtedly⁢ exceed your​ expectations.

We‍ were impressed by the​ intelligent dedicated⁤ battery charger with USB output, which ‍ensures‍ a safe ‍and convenient charging experience. ⁢The built-in protection circuit prevents⁢ overcharging,‌ while⁣ the constant current and voltage charging feature guarantees optimum battery performance. Additionally, the integrated microchip inside lengthens battery life, giving you even more value for your money.

The compatibility of this battery kit is extensive,​ making it a versatile choice for⁣ various Nokia⁤ models. You⁢ won’t have to worry about compatibility issues as this kit is specially designed to fit a wide range of devices.

Furthermore, the WinnerPlusa BP-4L ⁣Battery Kit offers ‍incredible cost-effectiveness. It⁤ is a‌ fantastic bargain, with huge discounts and savings compared ​to other replacement batteries on ​the⁤ market. We appreciate the quality guarantee and one-year warranty, which⁣ provides peace⁤ of mind⁢ knowing that you’re investing in a ⁤reliable ​product.

If ‍you’re ready ⁤to experience the power, efficiency, and longevity of the WinnerPlusa BP-4L Battery Kit, click⁣ here to purchase ​it now! Click here to purchase!

Say goodbye to ​low ⁤battery ​anxiety and ⁣enjoy uninterrupted device usage with the WinnerPlusa‍ BP-4L Battery⁣ Kit. ⁤Don’t miss out on‍ this incredible opportunity to enhance your battery life and overall‌ device performance.

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