Discover the Durability of Crescent Lufkin Mezurall Tape Measures

If you’re​ in the market for a ⁤reliable and compact architect’s pocket‍ scale, look no further than the‌ Crescent Lufkin 1/4″ x 5′ Architect’s Pocket Scale – W393. We recently got our hands⁣ on this innovative measuring tool and were thoroughly impressed by its precision and durability.

The Crescent Lufkin ⁣1/4″ x 5’‍ Architect’s Pocket Scale – W393 is part of the Mezurall series, known for its top-notch quality and accuracy. The scale features a⁣ sturdy chrome case that easily fits⁢ into pockets or travel bags, making it ideal for on-the-go architects or designers. ⁣The 1/4″/6mm yellow steel blade ‍with jet black markings ensures easy ⁢readability, ⁣while ⁢the automatic blade return adds convenience ‍to your measuring tasks.

In our experience, the ​Crescent Lufkin 1/4″ x ⁢5′ Architect’s Pocket Scale – W393 proved‌ to ⁤be a reliable and handy tool for all our measuring needs. Stay tuned for ⁤our‍ detailed review‍ of this product, where we’ll dive into its features and⁤ performance.

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When it⁢ comes⁣ to measuring in the field, ⁢the Crescent⁣ Lufkin Architect’s Pocket Scale is a must-have tool for any architect or engineer. ​With a⁤ compact design and durable chrome⁣ case, this​ pocket scale is built for convenience ​and longevity. ⁢The 1/4″ ⁢yellow steel blade is not only ‍sturdy, but also easy to read with jet black ⁣markings, making measurements a⁣ breeze.

With an ‍automatic blade​ return ⁣feature and a yellow clad blade for‌ added visibility, the Crescent Lufkin Architect’s Pocket Scale is both practical‍ and efficient. Whether you’re on the job ⁢site or in the office, ‍this pocket scale is sure‍ to ‌become an ​essential part ⁣of your toolkit.⁢ Invest in quality and precision⁤ with the Crescent ‍Lufkin Architect’s Pocket Scale today!

Check out the Crescent Lufkin Architect’s Pocket Scale⁣ on AmazonFunctionality and Design
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When it comes ⁢to functionality, the Crescent Lufkin 1/4″⁤ x 5’‌ Architect’s ‌Pocket Scale ​truly shines. The compact and sturdy chrome case ensures durability while ​providing a comfortable‍ grip. The 1/4″/6mm yellow steel blade with jet ‌black markings ⁢allows for easy and accurate measurements, making it perfect for architectural​ work or any project⁣ that requires precision.

In terms of design, this pocket scale is sleek and practical. The yellow clad blade​ adds a pop of color while the automatic blade return feature saves time and effort. The scale’s ‍small size makes it easy to carry around in pockets or travel bags, making it a convenient tool for architects, designers, and DIY enthusiasts alike. If you’re looking for a reliable and versatile ⁤pocket scale, the Crescent Lufkin Architect’s‍ Pocket ⁣Scale is definitely worth considering. ⁢Don’t miss out ⁣on this handy tool, check ‌it out on Amazon!Detailed⁢ Insights ​and⁢ Recommendations
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After using the Crescent Lufkin ‌1/4″ ‌x 5′ Architect’s Pocket Scale, we have some to share. The compact and sturdy chrome case of this pocket scale‌ makes it easy to carry ⁢around in our pockets‍ or travel bags, ensuring convenience wherever we go. The yellow clad blade with ⁣jet black markings ‍not only looks sleek but also enhances visibility, making measurements quick and accurate.

  • The automatic blade ⁤return feature is ⁢a‌ time-saver
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting use
  • Compact size for easy transportation

Overall, we recommend the Crescent Lufkin ‌1/4″ x 5′ Architect’s ‌Pocket Scale for architects, engineers, and anyone else​ who needs a reliable and⁤ convenient measuring ⁢tool. Its combination ⁢of durability, ease of use, ‍and compact design make it a valuable addition to any toolbox. Upgrade your measuring game today!

Pros Cons
Durable construction May be too small for some users
Easy to carry around Blade ‌length may be ‌limiting for larger projects

Customer ​Reviews⁢ Analysis
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Customer Reviews Analysis:

Review Rating
I have been⁢ using this ‍tape for ⁢over 20 years. Great versatile tool. I am in construction so it ‌is great for us older people ‍who still ‌like a paper set ⁢of construction drawings⁢ and to ⁣be able to do⁣ a ​quick estimate take-off or ‍get ⁢ball park measurements for order materials using ‌the scale 1/8” or‍ 1/4” scale​ depending‌ on ‍how your drawings ‍are scaled. A​ little pricey⁣ for a mini tape ‍measure but it’s worth having at your ⁢disposal⁤ when needed. My‌ son‌ and grandson was given one for‌ their birthday and ⁣was pleased. 5 stars
I had several of these Scales over the ⁣past 30 years but over time they seem to⁣ disappear. Very‌ pleased with the performance of this one recently ordered. The Scale appears slightly heavier than the old models and the recoil and⁤ lock works very well.‍ The tape background ⁢is yellow as opposed to white⁤ making‍ it easier to read. The Scale does the work I‌ expected and naturally saves me time⁢ with my take-offs. Recommend this product to anyone needing a good architectural Scale. 5 stars
Built​ really solid. There​ weren’t​ many for sale when​ I looked and paid a ‍little more ‍than ⁣I⁤ would a liked but‍ the quality is actually worth it in this ⁢case.⁤ Definitely would buy ‌again! 5​ stars
It’s sturdy and works⁣ well and ⁢can store it in my‌ pocket ‌and not break! 5 stars
I do a lot of floor planning and using a solid⁢ scale measuring device ⁤is difficult ​at best. A pool​ designer was using it while designing our pool and​ I was intrigued​ by it. She said she couldn’t do her job without it. i quickly got online to ‍order one and found ​them ⁤to⁤ be pricey and it took forever to get (during the spring outbreak of Covid 2020). ⁢But when I finally got​ it and used it she was right.⁤ It’s pretty amazing….only wished I had known about it ⁢sooner. 5 ⁣stars
Great Ruler 5 stars
Perfect 5 stars

Pros & Cons
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Pros & Cons of Crescent Lufkin 1/4″ x ‍5’​ Architect’s Pocket Scale – W393


  • Durable construction
  • Compact size for ​easy portability
  • Sturdy chrome case
  • Yellow clad blade with‍ jet black ⁤markings
  • Automatic blade return‌ for convenience


  • Shorter length of⁢ 5′ may ​not be ideal for all⁢ measuring⁣ needs
  • Yellow​ color may ⁣not be ‍for everyone’s taste
  • Does not have a⁤ belt clip for hands-free use

Overall, the ​Crescent Lufkin 1/4″ x 5′ Architect’s ‍Pocket Scale – W393 offers durability and convenience in a compact ⁢package. While it may have some limitations,​ its sturdy construction and ease of ⁤use⁢ make​ it a reliable choice⁢ for measuring on the go.

Q&AQ: How durable is the Crescent Lufkin 1/4″ x 5′ Architect’s Pocket⁤ Scale – ⁢W393?

A: The Crescent Lufkin‍ Mezurall tape ‍measures are built with durability in‌ mind. The sturdy chrome case⁣ and yellow steel blade ensure that this pocket scale‌ can withstand daily wear‍ and tear. So you can trust that it will last you for ​a long time to come.

Q: Is the Crescent Lufkin 1/4″ x 5′ Architect’s Pocket Scale -‌ W393 easy to carry around?

A: ​Yes, ⁣absolutely! ⁣The compact size of this pocket scale makes it easy to carry around in your pocket ‌or travel bag. You⁤ won’t even notice it’s there until‍ you‍ need it. It’s the perfect companion for architects or anyone​ who⁤ needs measurements on ​the go.

Q: Does the Crescent Lufkin 1/4″ x⁤ 5′ Architect’s Pocket Scale ‍-⁣ W393 have easy-to-read markings?

A: Yes, the jet black markings on the yellow⁤ clad‌ blade make it easy to read measurements quickly ⁤and‌ accurately. You won’t ​have to squint​ or strain your‌ eyes to ⁢see the‌ numbers, which can ⁤be ⁣a lifesaver when you’re working ⁣on a project that requires precision.

Q:‍ Does the Crescent Lufkin 1/4″ x 5′ Architect’s​ Pocket⁤ Scale – W393 have automatic‌ blade return?

A: Yes, it does. ⁣The automatic blade return⁢ feature‍ ensures that ⁤the tape measure retracts smoothly and easily after each use. This not only enhances convenience⁢ but also helps prolong the life of⁣ the tape measure‍ by preventing any unnecessary wear and ‌tear.

We hope these answers have ​been ‍helpful in giving you a better understanding ⁢of the durability and convenience of the Crescent Lufkin Mezurall tape measures. If you have⁤ any more questions, feel free to ask!‌ Elevate Your LifestyleAs we wrap up our‌ review of the Crescent Lufkin 1/4″‌ x 5′ Architect’s Pocket Scale,⁤ we⁣ can confidently say that this tape measure is a game-changer when ‌it comes ⁣to durability⁢ and convenience. With its compact chrome case and sturdy yellow steel blade, this tape measure is‌ built to ‍last and can easily accompany you wherever your projects ‍take you.

If you’re in need⁤ of a reliable‌ and long-lasting tape measure,⁢ look no further than the Crescent Lufkin Mezurall series. Don’t miss out on⁤ the opportunity to add ⁤this essential⁣ tool ⁣to‌ your ‌collection!

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